Sirwo Coffee is Kenya’s if not the Worlds best coffee.
Our luxury coffee brand is fit for coffee connoisseurs and those new to the beverage.
Experience our variety of brands today!

COFFEE FACTORY Get a personalized selection of coffee from the top roasters on the globe. Never Run Out of Coffee Again! Skip the store and sign up to get coffee delivered fresh from the Kitale Factory. Coffee Heaven Better Coffee Makes a Difference. We connect you with ethically sourced coffee from the best independent roasters on the globe. Sirwo Coffee ! Coffee Masters Sirwo Coffee is a (delicious) journey and the Sirwo team would like to make suggestions and share experiences that are best suited to wherever you are on yours.

Our Delicious Offer

At Sirwo Coffee, we know you deserve the best taste — no matter how you take your coffee!

400+ coffees from the best craft roasters in town, all tasted by Sirwo Coffee team.

We have a variety of coffee and we will match you to coffee based on your preferences.

Sirwo Coffee believes that every cup you make should be your best ever. Plus, your pastry deserves quality.

Roasted Sirwo Coffee to order and delivered at peak freshness on your schedule.

The Sirwo Coffee Herald

As you enjoy the Sirwo Coffee we will share our stories, join us and be part of this Kenyan heritage from Kitale.
Varieties of Coffee

Coffee is complicated, finding yours shouldn’t be. Sirwo Coffee makes discovering great new coffees easier.

Hours of Testing

For our team, QC is more than just letters. Each of our coffees has passed their vigorous test.

Coffee Markets

This is no ordinary office coffee. Upgrade your work and home brew with a premium, free-flowing supply.

Our Roasters

They’re the ones up before dawn, standing over a flame, and obsessing about every batch to bring you their coffee.

Online Coffee Shop

Damn good coffee, roasted to order and shipped directly to you by the Kenya’s best roasters

Our Sweet Gallery

Specialty coffees are grown in specific and ideal microclimates, and have distinctive and unique flavor profiles, with little to no defects.
The Sirwo Coffee team would love to hear your thoughts and feedback